“Just be yourself! The TBD simulates a real-life experience working on a team as a Wharton student. It’s important to show how YOU best work in a team. Be flexible and adapt as necessary, but make sure to stay true to who you are in a team setting.” — Megan Emery, WG23

The Wharton MBA interview, or Team-Based Discussion (TBD), is a unique element of our admissions process that helps provide a clearer picture of who you are and how you may fit into the Wharton MBA Class. The TBD is meant to model the highly collaborative nature of the Wharton MBA environment to identify characteristics (communication style, level of engagement, leadership skills, decision-making process, etc.) that we believe contribute to the success of a Wharton student. This is an opportunity for you to express who you are as an individual and as a member of a collaborative team.

Our goal is that through this process, you will not only be able to present how you approach and think about certain challenges and opportunities but also have a chance to experience the teamwork and learning dynamic that is central to Wharton culture.

While we aim to make the TBD a fun and interactive experience, we know that all interviews can be a bit stressful. We asked our Admissions Fellows (current second-year students), who facilitate many of the TBDs, for their best tips on how to prepare for your TBD once you receive your invitation to interview.

Priyanka MattalPriyanka Mittal, WG23
Business Analytics
Operations, Information and Decisions (OIDD)

“Think of the TBD as a chance to experience what discussions with peers at Wharton would look like. Accordingly, instead of solely focusing on sharing your own ideas, also focus on understanding what others are bringing to the table and learning from them. Wharton is big on team-based activities and a TBD is a great way to assess your fit with the culture.”


Ahmed IbrahimAhmed Ibrahim, WG23
Major: Operations, Information and Decisions (OIDD)

“I went through the TBD process twice and the biggest difference between my first and second interview was a change in mindset. I think approaching the TBD as an opportunity to meet other smart individuals and work on a fun project for a short period made a big difference. When I stopped thinking that it was an interview and tried to enjoy the discussion, I performed a lot better. My advice would be to shrug off the stress and try to enjoy the experience and that will probably be the best thing you can do for yourself.”


Rhea GroverRhea Grover, WG23
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Quantitative Finance

“I found simulating the TBD with a group of friends extremely helpful. Having gone through the experience in a comfortable setting really helped ease the pressure off for the actual interview and allowed me to truly be myself despite the nerves.”


Megan EmeryMegan Emery, WG23
Business, Energy, Environment and Sustainability (BEES)
Operations, Information and Decisions (OIDD)

“Reflect on past team situations or assignments – What worked well? What did not? Try to bring the behaviors, ideas, and tactics that worked well in your past teams into the virtual TBD room with you. On the other side, be conscious to avoid the actions that you’ve seen work poorly in group settings.

Alternative advice – Just be yourself! The TBD simulates a real-life experience working on a team as a Wharton student. It’s important to show how YOU best work in a team. Be flexible and adapt as necessary, but make sure to stay true to who you are in a team setting.”


Kehinde OdusoteKehinde Odusote, WG23
Major: Strategic Management

“Come ready to listen and reach a group consensus versus focusing on convincing everyone else your idea is the best. Be a good team player by helping to move the conversation forward and helping to foster a productive conversation.”


Vandita KamathVandita Kamath, WG23
Operations, Information, and Decisions (OIDD)
Strategic Management

“Treat the TBD like a regular work meeting with 5 colleagues. A good starting point is to understand what role you play in these meetings and bring your strengths with you as you enter your TBD.”


Vishoka BalasubramanianVishoka Balasubramanian, WG23
Lauder MBA/MA (German/Europe Track)

“The TBD is a great first step towards meeting your future classmates, teammates, and friends. It is an excellent unbiased opportunity to understand the Wharton classroom experience and analyze your fit expectations. Bring your best, empathetic, and true self with the goal of performing as a great team.”


Read more about the Wharton Team Based Discussion here. Book a one on one call with one of our Admissions Fellows at any point during your application process to talk more about the Wharton MBA experience.

— Abby Behrends*

*Abby is the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, MBA Admissions

Posted: October 28, 2022

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